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Our Services

As a wealth management firm, we offer services across various financial disciplines helping individuals, families, business owners and churches find the most appropriate path to reach their financial goals. 


From investment management, personal and business financial planning, tax and estate planning, and retirement income planning, we have expertise to meet all of your financial needs.


We take into account the client’s entire financial picture as we seek to align our clients’ finances with God’s purpose, focus on biblically responsible investing, and create conduits of charity to impact the world.

Investment Management

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Our investment advice is tailored to meet our clients' needs and investment objectives. If you retain our firm for investment management services, we will meet with you to determine your investment objectives, risk tolerance, and other relevant information and will develop a strategy that enables our firm to give you continuous and focused investment advice and/or to make investments on your behalf.

Personal and Business Financial Planning

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We provide a variety of advisory services to help manage your financial resources based upon an analysis of your individual or business needs. For individuals, we will meet with you to gather information about your financial circumstances and objectives and will deliver a written plan to you, designed to help you achieve your stated financial goals.  


For business owners, we can partner with you and help you navigate the complexities of integrating a retirement plan, benefits and a succession plan.

Income in Retirement

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Planning for a lifetime of income in retirement can be a daunting task for individuals.  We’ll help you develop a plan to provide income today and in the future, while making your savings last.

Saving For Retirement

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It's never too early or late to start saving for retirement.  The sooner you start, the quicker your money can work for you through the power of compounding.  Whether you are a business owner, a young professional starting a career, or someone with many years in the workforce, a sound retirement savings plan is critical.  We can help you build a plan that seeks to build wealth for retirement and manage it for your different life stages.

College Savings

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Rising tuition costs can potentially overwhelm families trying to plan and save for their child’s college education.  We can help you build a plan taking into account various investment options and tax implications to help you achieve your college saving's goal.

Tax and Estate Planning

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Having a proper tax strategy for today and an estate planning strategy for the future is of utmost importance. Estate planning is a sensitive topic but critical in the financial planning process to ensure your assets (investment and retirement accounts, bank accounts, real estate, etc.) are passed down to your loved ones while seeking to minimize the tax burden for those inheriting your assets.  Our firm will work with your current lawyer and CPA to identify where you can reduce tax liabilities and maximize cash flow.

Charitable Giving

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Let us help you build a strategy and plan to maximize your charitable giving and philanthropic goals.  One of our firm’s key mission is to be a conduit for giving and we strive to help clients have the greatest impact with their giving, while maximizing their tax savings.

Multi-generational Planning

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We help you manage the complexities of multi-generational wealth by identifying and executing a plan to achieve your legacy goals.  Key to our approach is understanding how you’d like your wealth to benefit your children, grandchildren, other family members, and the charitable organizations you support.

Client Journey

Our initial complimentary meeting will help us better understand your goals and specific financial situation.  At this discovery meeting we get the opportunity to know you more and introduce our firm and services.   Our path from introduction to implementation of your financial plan can be summarized as follows:


Getting To

Know You

Discuss financial goals and assess risk tolerance


Develop Plan

Construct financial plan taking into account all the information gathered from discovery meetings


Plan Review

Present plan, discuss investment strategy, and recommend appropriate investment program



Once you have a thorough understanding of our approach, investment strategy, and recommendations we will implement your personalized plan and asset allocation portfolio


Ongoing Review

Once plan is implemented, you can expect regular proactive communications and, at a minimum, annual reviews to ensure your financial goals and objectives remain current and on track

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